A long-term Partnership over many years!

Our international Partnership

Sen Systems and Latschbacher have been close partners for over 20 years. All software development takes place in Bratislava with the professional software development team of Sen Systems.

LATSCHBACHER, located in Kronstorf (Austria), have a very vast product range. From physical products (felling wedges, log marking and split stoppers) to a very powerful software (gathering data in the forest, billing & accounting and monitoring the whole logistics process) which can be used in different sectors of the wood working industry.

LATSCHBACHER was founded about 50 years ago and approximately 80 employees in 9 subsidiaries worldwide are supporting our customers all over the world.

So you can get all possible system components form one reliable partner. We manage your whole workflow starting at felling trees to the whole data flow from the forest to the industry.

  • Our aspiration

Even if your requirements seem demanding – do not hesitate to contact us – we at Latschbacher set our standards for quality high. As an international company, we represent uncompromising quality as well as 360 degree-solutions in the wood industry. The difference between us and our competitors are the 80 employees, who work hard and give their best every day to guarantee our customers top quality of our products.

  • One click, one glimpse

A car without wheels is unimaginable. The same holds true for a fishing rod without a fishhook or a barbecue without meat. Why should we therefore work in the forest logistic industry without integrated tagging technology? Latschbacher represents 360 degree concepts: With our software, the whole supply chain can be viewed in one glimpse, no matter where.

  • Mark what is important

Mark the course. Mark the hero. Mark your territory. Signumat represents tagging technology of the latest generation. Abraison-proof tags with consecutive numbers mark your valuable logs. Clean, economical, secure and optional with barcode.


Latschbacher is an international group of companies with nine locations in Europe, North America and South America. As a specialist in wood logistics software, Latschbacher is the market leader in the relevant markets.

Latschbacher has been producing tools for the forestry industry since 1968. Latschbacher developed a robust tablet for outdoor use as early as 1986. Since the early 90s, Latschbacher has been developing professional software for the forestry industry under the brand name "WinforstPro". The platform consists of desktop ERP systems, web applications and mobile apps on all platforms.

Specialists from IT, the forestry industry and sales work at our headquarters in Kronstorf, Austria. This is where project management and the distribution of software products to all locations takes place.

ERP System

WinforstPro(tm) is a powerful ERP platform developed specifically for the timber industry. With powerful desktop modules and database systems, combined with WEB applications and mobile apps, IT systems are created that support the complex processes along the logistics track and billing.


The Geographical Information Center is a very flexible evaluation option that combines the tabular listing of information, such as residual quantities of wood piles, with the geographical information, the location on a map.

Filters in the data table have a direct effect on the display on the map. Various freely available map layers are the basis of the high-performance visualization.

In this way, the Geographical Information Center quickly creates an overview of the local situation and supports the user in making economic decisions.


The world is becoming mobile, and data, too. In forestry, the availability of data in the forest is very important. WinforstPro(tm) Mobile develops apps for all mobile platforms so that users always have up-to-date data available on site.


Many companies are involved along the logistics route. It is important that all those involved receive the latest information. WinforstPro(tm) ensures that a continuous data flow is guaranteed.


The challenge in IT is to connect systems, devices and people. WinforstPro(tm) was developed just for this. Communication, connections and integration are the most important components to implement smooth processes.